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blazingSunrise + moonlitTagger

blazingSunrise [BS] has started pestering moonlitTagger [MT].
BS: yo
BS: you good out there on your own
MT: I'm fine Clem
BS: its four in the morning and you stormed out to get blazed
BS: youre not fine luna
MT: I didn't storm out
BS: okay well semantics aside you still left without sayin anything
MT: I said that I'd be back
MT: and really it was nothing
BS: alright
blazingSunrise [BS] has ceased pestering moonlitTagger [MT].

moonlitTagger [MT] has started pestering blazingSunrise [BS]
MT: I'm sorry about last night
BS: its all good dawg i get it
BS: everyones got sht they dont wanna talk about
BS: so its whatever, youre fine
MT: you sure you seemed upset with me?
BS: eh
BS: i didnt wanna make things worse
BS: you didnt want to tell me anythin so i didnt want to ask for it
BS: gave you your space and shut my trap
MT: thanks for worrying about me
BS: id be a pretty shtty friend if i didnt
BS: so dont mention it bro
BS: even though it was less worry and more imperative reconnoitring to make sure you werent gonna clap me in my sleep
BS: worryin is for chumps
BS: and i aint a chump
BS: yuh
MT: I'll see you when you get home ya not chump
BS: dunno when ill be back so dont hold your breath
MT: alright, bye sunny
moonlitTagger [MT] has ceased pestering blazingSunrise [BS]

blazingSunrise [BS] has started pestering moonlitTagger [MT].
BS: ay yo moonie
BS: where you at
BS: its eerily quiet around here, and it doesnt smell like weed either
BS: did you get kidnapped or some sht
MT: Clen dude you've gotta help me
MT: it was the fucking ninja's
BS: eh
BS: i mean, dont get me wrong, i could
BS: but ive already slain so many ninjas over the past few years
BS: i think its time i threw in the towel
BS: i need a break, you know
BS: nice vacation away from all the ninja killing
MT: dude you just broke my heart
MT: and here I thought you and me were best friends
MT: guess I have to join the ninja's and come back for my revenge
MT: look out Clem a girrafee is coming for you
BS: we are best friends, dude, no amount of ice cold revenge is gonna change that
BS: im just putting my ninja killin days behind me
BS: i was a different person back then
BS: ive changed
MT: well the fuck else am I supoosed to do
MT: not like I can get out on my own
MT: my skateboards still at the apartment
MT: I'm weaponless
BS: have you tried, like, talking to them
BS: theyre really not that bad once you get to know them
MT: dude I can't see them
MT: they're fucking ninja's remember
BS: it aint about seein them, cuh
BS: its about speaking to them
BS: connecting with them
BS: go with your heart
MT: I don't think they like stoner Giraffes dude
MT: they aren't speaking to me
MT: out loud or in my soul
MT: how do you know so much about conecting with them if you killed them anyway
BS: the fck kinda question is that, moonie
BS: what sort of sick bstrd doesnt attempt to connect with their quarrel before taking their life
BS: its basic bdss etiquette
MT: lol guess i'm not a badass then
MT: sorry I'm a fraud
MT: I've just been murderen my enimies without really getting to know them
BS: damn, loons, thats just cold
BS: oh well, i dont think they mind much
BS: bein dead and all
BS: okay but ninjas aside where are you
MT: I'm at the mall have been all day
MT: I've been here so long I think I'm a statue
BS: that is usually what happens to people who stay in the mall too long
BS: well, come home soon
BS: im bored as fck and dont have any work for once
MT: uhhh I kinda can't
MT: I'm busy
BS: busy
BS: luna zentar is busy
BS: what
MT: I'll be home at like 2
MT: sorry Sunny
BS: its all good, is everything cool
MT: course the one day you don't have shit to do I have shit to do
BS: dont sweat it cuh
BS: the days not over yet
BS: you didnt answer my question though
MT: what question?
BS: is everything cool, dawg
MT: oh oh oh
MT: i thought it said "everything is cool"
MT: lo
BS: lo indeed
MT: yeah dude everythings fine
MT: why wouldn't it be
BS: dunno
BS: youre mysterious
BS: prolly got the mob after you or some sht
BS: glad theres nothin wrong though
MT: Oh you know it
MT: likt the godfather up in here
MT: Is everything alright with you?
BS: yeah
BS: well
BS: yeah
MT: Well?
MT: whats wrong?
BS: nothing
BS: just bumped into someone at the store today
BS: was kinda weird
BS: dont worry about it though
MT: Huh?
MT: now you've got me worried
MT: you cant just say "dont worry about it"
MT: thats code for do worry about it
BS: thats fair, slight oversight on my part
BS: how about this
BS: dont not abstain from worrying about it
MT: >:(
MT: who'd you bump into
MT: and why was it weird?
BS: maybe we should talk about this later instead
MT: oh god now I'm nevous
MT: why?
BS: youre really twisting my balls here
BS: its not that bad, just something i need to be prepped for, ya dig
MT: you know how I am this is gonna kill me
MT: I'm gonna pop like a fucking balloon
BS: fck fine, fair enough
BS: its not fair to subject you to that
BS: you may actually explode if left to your own devices
BS: ive seen it happen
MT: yeah exaxtly Sunny
MT: Its bad
MT: and you aren't here to pick up the Luna chunks
BS: and if im not there, then who is
BS: i dont wanna take that risk
BS: thered be moonie viscera absolutely everywhere
MT: Again my point
MT: fuck
MT: oh god Clem I popped
MT: I fucking told you s
BS: sht bro
BS: now what are we gonna do
BS: guess ill just have to live with the fact that my friend is a pile of smouldering meat, once again
BS: anyway, ill see you later
MT: you'll probably be asleep when I get home so
MT: night Clem
BS: yeah, maybe
BS: see you whenever, luna
blazingSunrise [BS] has ceased pestering moonlitTagger [MT].


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