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arachnidsGrip + archiveGazer

archiveGazer played by Dodo, arachnidsGrip played by Link
archiveGazer [AG] has begun trolling arachnidsGrip [AG]!
AG: Hello there Vriska! It has 8een a fair 8it of time since we last had a chance to speak with one another, so I figured that it would pro8a8ly 8e a good idea to check in on you and see how you were doing as of l8.
AG: I hope you have 8een well, of course. I cannot say that I have 8een up to a gr8 deal myself, although that in it of itself is not necessarily a 8ad thing. Sometimes a 8it of quiet time to unwind or spend in recollection is just what you need to keep moving forwards with newly regained vigor.
AG: Good afternoon, Aranea. I suppose it has 8een a while, hasn't it?
AG: I guess I've 8een fine. Lots of irons in the fire, as usual. Some old, and some new.
AG: Old flames have 8een rekindled, and new ones have 8een snuffed out. 8ut we don't need to get into that. Not now.
AG: Truth 8e told, I haven't exactly wanted to speak to anyone as of l8. Things have 8een........ Tur8ulent, to say the least.
AG: ........ Aranea, can I ask you something?
AG: Actually, no, never mind. Forget I said anything.
AG: Hmmm? Is something 8othering you Vriska? If you changed your mind on wishing to speak to me a8out such a matter I will refrain from prying, 8ut admittedly this sort of thing does rouse my curiosity. I suppose that is just a 8iproduct of what an avid scholar I am, 8ut now I'm wandering into tangents a8out myself when we're supposed to 8e talking a8out wh8ver is 8othering you! How silly of me.
AG: 8ut in all seriousness, you always know that I am willing to hear you out when something is getting you down. If I am to teach you well, then maintaining a good relationship 8etween the two of us is a no pan-er.
AG: I wouldn't say that anything is actively 8othering me, no. Nothing that wouldn't ordinarily 8e, anyway.
AG: Just........ Doors closing, I suppose. Doors that lead to greener pastures. Or so I thought.
AG: I'm not sure how I could elucid8 this without running the risk of making a fool of myself. Ugh.
AG: If I am to tell you anything at all rel8ting to this su8ject, then I want to make it A8UNDANTLY CLEAR that this is a priv8 matter. And I would like for it to stay that way.
AG: Do you understand?
AG: Oh don't worry! I understand where you are coming from completely. I know that if I were to confess to some personal issue that had 8een weighing me down rather severely to a close friend, the very last thing I would want to hear was that they had decided to gossip a8out it with others. Even as someone who likes to learn a gr8 deal a8out the world around them and record their findings, I know how to respect one's personal privacy.
AG: 8ut that leaves the question, what door has 8een closed that is causing you to feel this way? From the way you worded it, it sounded as if something you had 8een looking forwards to or otherwise longing after for an extended period has 8een closed off to you. Some sort of important opportunity that you failed to capitalize on, or were otherwise una8le to for some reason 8eyond your control.
AG: You may tell me as much or as little a8out it as you like if you are afraid of portraying yourself in a light you'd rather not, of course. Just know that I am here simply to listen, and not to judge. ::::)
AG: Alright. I trust you. Don't spit that 8ack in my face.
AG: 8luh........
AG: Have you ever had your 8loodpusher 8roken?
AG: Oh dear. Well, now I can see why you were so hesitant to discuss this matter with me in the first place. My sincerest of apologies Vriska. I cannot say that I have experienced anything of the sort myself, so I can only imagine the emotional and mental duress that sort of situation would inflict upon the mind.
AG: Was it a 8ad 8reakup of some kind? Or were your feelings refuted? Either way, I preemptively offer my condolences.
AG: It wasn't a 8r8kup. He never liked me.
AG: I guess I thought that there was something 8etween us. There seemed to 8e chemistry, you know?
AG: I finally met him in person after 8eing friends online for so long. 8ut........
AG: I don't know what we are, now. He has a m8sprit. And I'm 8ack to 8eing alone.
AG: 8ut, whatever. I'm 8etter off this way.
AG: I'm just put off 8y the fact that things didn't go as expected. That's all.
AG: Ah........ I see. Well, that certainly is a rather unfortun8 set of circumstances. Unexpected surprises like that are some of the nastiest things that life has to offer sadly. An impact that you have 8egun to 8race for is one thing, 8ut 8eing 8lindsided 8y an attack that you never saw coming is a wholly different matter.
AG: I know you might precive these as empty words, 8ut I would strongly suggest that you don't 8eat yourself up too 8adly over this. While it is easy to think things such as "oh if only I had asked a8out it 8eforehand I could have avoided this" and other similar trains of thought, in truth these what ifs will only serve to drag you further downwards. It was a spot of 8ad luck, and there really isn't that much more to it. If anything, it pro8a8ly would have 8een more prudent for this third party to mention their status as to avoid leading you on in the first place if you had expressed interest in this fashion.
AG: I'm very sorry to hear you had to deal with this chain of events, Vriska. If you are satisfied 8eing alone, then that is perfectly okay, 8ut I sense that you may still 8e holding apprehensions 8ased on your wording. There are plenty of fish in the sea as some humans like to say, and there will dou8tlessly 8e other opportunities to pursue red romance in the future.


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