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Amalgama's landscape is one of myriad vastly different ecosystems pulled in from four different planets. Its surface contains sprawling deserts, dense jungles, jagged badlands, and everything in between. The more familiar landscapes of the four progenitor planets seem to be more concentrated towards one side of the globe, where civilization landed and settled in.   As you venture farther from civilization, the terrain becomes more and more treacherous and alien, with some outer biomes seeming to unworldly and peculiar that they couldn't have belonged to any of the original four planets. When you venture very far out, (assuming you survive any treacherous weather or giant monsters that will almost certainly attack you on the way,) expect to find forests of hundred-meter-tall mushrooms, sprawling valleys of frozen ash, and mesas of vibrant, chromatic terracotta.   Amalgama has three moons - one made of Earth's two moons joined by a jagged seam, Beforus' pink moon, and Alternia's green one.   Unlike on Alternia, the Amalgaman sun is not lethal to non-jadeblooded trolls, though it does tend to make these trolls feel tired and irritable.


After The Merge, much of the infrastructure from both planets was teleported to Amalgama. While a large part of each planet was lost, many outlets of civilization, (from entire cities to secluded cabins,) were brought to the new world. Even some satellites were transported.   All civilization on Amalgama is concentrated on one side of the planet. Some cities are very dense and sprawl for incredible distances, being made of multiple metropolitan areas that had been stitched together. The ocean on this side of the planet is home to many sea-dwelling trolls, though piracy is becoming more and more common a practice.   So much was maintained from the previous planets that life can continue mostly as it did before The Merge happened. Electricity, running water, and internet access are all basic services that the vast majority of individuals have access to.   You are never very far from a city; unless you do what the government tells you not to, and venture out beyond the reaches of civilization. Who knows what you might find beyond what T4E wants you to see?


The Amalgaman government is composed of both trolls and humans, but highblooded trolls are indisputably in control. The caste system is still in place, and lowbloods are culled often. Humans are treated the same as goldbloods, but the government agrees not to cull them.   Mutantbloods and limebloods are tolerated, though their numbers are heavily regulated. The government keeps a watchful eye over these castes, and prejudice/injustices against them are common. Limebloods were hunted to extinction on Alternia; all limeblood OCs must be from Beforus.   Unlike on Alternia, refusing to fill a pail is not a cullable offense on Amalgama. Instead, trolls who choose to fill a pail are given better social benefits than those who do not, as encouragement to maintain the longevity of the species. The planet has a mother grub, and if a troll couple wishes to reproduce, they must contact an official to have a drone drop by their hive. Trolls are permitted to know the identities of their grubs, but the grubs must still be raised by a lusus.


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