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Rokugan is already richly detailed in L5R supplements, so this entry will focus on how the different Clans fit into the larger world. It should be noted that the religion and magic of Rokugan is unique; within the empire, kami and shugenja have a special relationship, and the spirits of the land itself prevent a great deal of magical technology from functioning correctly or at all. War machines and skyships explicitly do not work, nor do any energy weapons.  


The Crab Clan's duties remain unchanged, though the Hiruma family has made overtures to the nations bordering the Shadowlands to the west. The True Empire has extended far enough that they have regular contact with the Hiruma, though the lands and cities of this region recognize no unified authority. Demon hunting traditions are common in this land, for the oni (demons) occasionally cross over the mountains to terrorize the local populace, but the dark god directing this evil seems more focused on Rokugan specifically.  


Paragons of culture, the Crane Clan produces the Empire's preferred emissaries. Though the Crane do not adapt to others' traditions, there are no finer representatives of Rokugani culture and life; Kakita artisans and swordsmiths have impressed dwarves throughout the multiverse, while the Doji have brought peace to the hearts of warlords with a simple tea ceremony. Songs, plays, and poetry from the Crane have made their way to all corners of the world, and the clan of Lady Doji is justifiably proud of their heritage being so popular (and lucrative).  


Ever the enigma, the Dragon Clan sits on one border of the Empire and consequently has more traffic with other peoples than most. Rumors abound that the High House of Light will accept *anyone* who finds it, even non-Rokugani (and non-human!) If Togashi Yokuni has designs beyond Imperial borders, he has confided them in no one.  


Their detractors paint them as rigid and hidebound, yet the Lion Clan follows Akodo's guidance with fervor, and Akodo would never wish to have his clan lose a battle for the sake of tradition. The Akodo family is well versed in battle tactics and weaponry from throughout the known multiverse, and though they practice almost exclusively in the arts they would need within Rokugani borders (the protection of which is their mandate), small units are well-versed in energy weapons and anti-War Machine techniques, should those be necessary. Though initially caught unawares when the Unicorn Clan returned, the Lion Clan is now quite capable of implementing anti-cavalry tactics, and has also readied themselves to take on phalanxes or shield formations should they tangle with the True Empire (again).  


All Clans have shugenja (treat as clerics using Elemental Domains, to be detailed later), but the Phoenix excel at *all* forms of magic, and are the only clan in the Empire with a dedicated wizard academy. Just as the Lion maintain readiness against all forms of war, the Phoenix maintain this same level regarding magical knowledge. Though they keep it extremely secret, the Phoenix know techniques to practice blood magic without drawing the attention of tainted kami.  


The Underhand of the Emperor has spent centuries creating a pervasive yet subtle presence in the world and beyond. Rivaling even the Dimir of Ravnica, Scorpion agents relay information to the Clan from throughout the crystal sphere, keeping the seemingly humble clan extremely well informed. For their part, the Scorpion are perfectly content to unite the clans against external threats when possible, that they may have some respite from their role within the Empire. Rumor abounds that a group of elves have allied with the Scorpion, but rumors of the Scorpion are so plentiful that it's hard to discern which might be true.  


Unique among the clans, the Unicorn spent centuries travelling the world beyond the Empire, only returning roughly two hundred years ago. While the Crane represent Imperial culture, the Unicorn adapted to their surroundings, experiencing and integrating foreign culture. Though more traditional samurai still look askance at them (and the Moto family in particular, whom many believe have orcish blood running in their veins), the Unicorn provide an invaluable service to the Empire as it must interact with its neighbors.  


Though a minor clan, the Mantis have considerable influence as they are a gateway into the Empire proper. One of the islands under their purview is the only skyship port available for those who would trade with the Rokugani (and do so without landing in mountains or desert), and the rest of their islands not only produce silk and spice (as their name implies) but receive vessels from around the world. The Mantis Clan has money to rival even the Crane as a result, which is the only reason that select Crane ports have been authorized to open up to outside trade.

Demography and Population

Human - 99% Aasimar occasionally appear among the Imperial family Half-orcs occasionally appear among the Moto family A small clan of elves lives with the Scorpion


Rokugani religion is animistic, with the Emperor serving as the head and ancestor worship being the norm. The Clan founders are worshiped on a par with gods or favored ancestors in other parts of the world.

Foreign Relations

Rokugan is largely isolationist, though it will trade goods with other powers. Few merchants are allowed within Imperial borders, however, so most trade comes from border settlements or the Islands of Silk and Spice.
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Feudal state
Koku (represents the amount of rice needed to feed one human for a year)
Controlled Territories

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