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Organization: The Broken Braid

We live a lie. The first gods were foolish mortals who sought power for its own sake, and they couldn't control or understand what they seized, unraveling themselves in the process. All gods are pretenders to the throne of primordials, and these ancient, idiot beings remained oblivious to the follies of mortality until mortals sought to take from them what they had no business holding. The endless cycle of birth and apotheosis and death is a trap, the last cruel joke of the primordials on their way out.   There is another way.   Oh, some mortal sects may preach of breaking the cycle and freeing one's soul from the endless chain of rebirth and learning painful truths, but how do we know that this isn't some placebo? The Broken Braids take matters into their own hands, snapping the chains, slowly amassing power and understanding, and then breaking free, violently if necessary. Undeath is feared by those trapped in the cycle because they don't understand, and the unknown is the origin of fear. Those trapped in the cycle will not suffer any more for being sent back into it.

"Seize the means to break your cycle."


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