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Goblins of Alvalon are split into several different groups, not the least of which is 'goblin', 'hobgoblin' and 'bugbear' (the latter prefer the term bugge). Goblins have a few subspecies, but one thing they all possess is an aptitude for technology that staggers the more intellectual races of the multiverse. The three species have a great deal in common biologically and can (though few do) have fertile children among themselves, with the mother typically dominating their genes. The Holy and True Empires are testaments to goblinoid prowess; though both are currently in decline, hobgoblin military puissance has made an indelible mark on history. Bugbear cunning and goblin inventiveness have greatly contributed to this, and these empires- two of only three currently in the world- affirm the place of goblinoids among the prominent races of Alvalon.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All goblins possess darkvision, and most are comfortable underground. Additionally, their palate is unique among sentient races, resulting in several foods and drinks that only goblins can stomach (one noxious drink called thudrud stands out as an example).

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Imperial naming convention is derived from goblin habit; all goblins have a family name and a given name, which is typically reserved for close associates. Nicknames are more common for everyday use, and these can either be commentary on a physical feature (though rarely complimentary, goblins are lauded for taking this stoically) or a name earned by great deeds of some sort.


No one knows how the three races became separate, nor why it is that goblins from other worlds can manifest so differently, but goblins have been a part of history for as long as it's been recorded. Hobgoblins and elves in particular have long been bitter adversaries, as the former pride themselves on order and discipline while the latter values individual accomplishments. Before their current empires, the greatest bastion of hobgoblin and goblin culture was the great city Hisarlik. When the city became embroiled in a trade dispute with the elven Free Cities, a decade long siege ensued, ended only by elven trickery, which the empires have never forgotten.

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