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The name of the world is is a combination name of the two founder Gods, God Aldir and Goddess Itia, God of the sun, day, mountains, rivers magic and life; and with his wife being the goddess of the moon, night, valleys, sea, and death. They finally began to rest after having their 7th and final child.
The seven children of the founders were worshipped among 7 continents each having their own domains and cultures. Over time the seven children gave gifts of magic to their worshippers and the people began to build kingdoms in honour of the respective Children. with the people who were the most devoted and trusted by the Child became the ruler of this kingdom, they were given a founder stone to contact them in the direst of situations but they could only contact them at a price set by the Child. A way they worship the respective Child is through their power, the colour their power emits is the same colour of the Child's eyes.
Though these powers do come at a price. the Child's gave the people a spirit that they can control their powers better and a companion. Using power, they and their spirit guides merge to use these powers and intern given a second form. the second form is either full or partial and full second form is only be attained by fully going over your power limit while still connected to your spirit guide. However, if you have a partial transformation and if you go over your power limit you will lose all power in that part of your body will go through a partial full transformation and is irreversible. to combat losing all your powers the respective Child blessed their worshipper's multiple summoning spots, however, if you go over your power limit with multiple summoning spots the main spot will have a partial transformation, but the other is weak.

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