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Nelantus Crater

Literally meaning Anti (Nel) Magic (Antus) in the ancient Albenian tongue. It is the giant hole in the Eastern side of the continent it is roughly about 2000 miles in diameter. It was caused by the Nelantus Explosion and the location is said to be cursed.   Few dare to venture in the area and those who do will often see visions or have unexplained disasters. Many believe that the location is cursed, dew to the visions and missing people and the lack of vegetation around the whole location. It is even said by some that prolonged time spent in the region would make someone sick and ill. However some still travel to the site in hopes to figure out why the disaster happened and hope that some lost secretes of the world were spared from the devastation.


The 2000 mile wide crater is filled with water form the sea. It is bordered by short cliffs on all the sides and has no real coast throughout most of it's edges, say for some areas where people carved though the cliffs to get to the waters below. To the West their is an outlet to the ocean that is a remnant of a long ago river, now widened by the water that has flown though to fill in the crater. The earth that immediately surrounds the area is baron of life and very rocky.

Fauna & Flora

The area directly surrounded the crater is desolate with no plants to be seen just shear stone and dirt. The waters are afflicted with a same problem. Very few if any fish and sea creatures roam the waters in the region. On the rare sightings of a creature they seem sickly.   This is one of the reasons many consider the area to be cursed.
Alternative Name(s)
Anti Magic Crater
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera

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