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Lunar Horses

A breed of horses that are from the Blue Forest region of the land. They are lighter in color then other horses in the land and are known for being more intelligent. They are commonly use by the Albenis people as transportation, as the horses can learn paths between places and travel them without direction.

Basic Information


They are slightly taller then the average horse, standing around 17 hands tall, they are also leaner then most of thier cousins. Their coasts range from white to light grey, which glow in the moonlight.

Genetics and Reproduction

Lunar horses reproduce like other horses, and gestate their young for a year and a half.

Growth Rate & Stages

A young foal will grow into it's full size in three years, and are considered young the fallowing four. The average lifespan of a Lunar horse is twenty years.

Ecology and Habitats

In the wild they live in the Blue Forest, however their are not many that live in the wild and most of these horses are raised domestically.

Additional Information


These horses are creatures of habit and as such were easily domesticated. While they will run if startled, once in captivity they adjust quickly. Now most of the population is domesticated.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They are used as animals of transportation. Their intelligence lets they easily find their way to known locations during the night, and as such can be used to take people or supplies back and forward from two locations. During the day they are not as skilled and can be directed like any other breed of horse.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They don't have good eyesight in the daytime and because of this will need direction when traveling. However they can see well at night.
20 years
Average Height
17 hands
Average Weight
1000 lbs

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Jul 23, 2019 14:16

It's a tough challenge to re-imagen something so well known such as horses, but the idea that Lunar horses have this extra knowledge / ability at night is cool.