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Welcome, scions and sorcerers, adventurers and glory-seekers, to Alatoria.   Alatoria is a collection of lore and setting details for an Open Table TTRPG/Text-based toleplay on Reddit and Discord, with this World Anvil detailing the various nations, playable races, background information and other worldly facts that will help any newcomer to Alatoria get settled and find their way.   Familiarize yourself with the world of Alatoria by checking out our maps and explore various locations and nations, all vying for power in this shattered world. Or pick through the encyclopedia and catch up on lore surrounding any number of fantastical species, each with their own unique cultures, histories, and maigc.   Alatoria's Open Table uses the Mythras system.

Alatoria has 2 Adventurers