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The creation

Once there was nothing but the stars.   They were floating in the endless night. Millennia passed until two of them met.   Daêlah and Doeruh.   As they collided a spark ignited between them and for a moment the night was bright and all the stars were mere rocks floating in a sea of light. In that Moment love was born.   The spark pulled Daelah and Doeruh close and from now on the two of them were never seen apart again. They shared the night, bathing in each others light.   But as time passes Daelahs light started to fade. Even a stars time was limited. In the end only the night is endless and so it took over Daelah. Doeruh couldn’t bear seeing Daelah die, couldn’t bear the thought of spending the night without Daelahs light.   So Doeruh shared its light with Daelah, giving it to their love and once again the night was bright, enlightened by the spark of their love. As the light faded Doeruhs body was dark and Daelah awoke anew.   But seeing Doeruhs sacrifice made Daelah feel the first pain of the universe. The single tear it shed, full of the stars love and sorrow, birthed Ai, a child of light, born from the first love of the universe. Ai saw Daelahs pain and had sympathy for the mourning star.   Though unable to give back Doeruhs light, Ai presented Daelah with a gift. The ability to give back life to Doeruhs body. Daelah cried three tears of hope. Glistening drops of life. As they hit Doeruh, the stones of its body erupted and bare three children; Bizok, Bertrusk and Bellaque.   Daelah, shocked by the deformation of Doeruh cried out in pain and betrayal. This wasn’t Doeruh! This wasn’t what they wanted!   These were their children, Ai tried to calm them down, but didn’t listen and turned their back on Ai and the children of their tears.   And so, where once was only love now shared it’s place with hatred and betrayal. Ai, who felt bad for the rejected children swore to watch over them, be their guide and honour Doeruhs sacrifice.   So Ai gifted the siblings with powers in the hopes of them honouring what Daelah painfully condemned.   Bellaque, who reminded Ai so much of Daelah, was presented with the gift of creation. From now on she shall recreate Doeruhs beauty with new life and be the mother Daelah didn’t want to be.   But where creation was, needs also be destruction, as nothing can live forever. Death must come to from new life in order to keep Balance, so Ai gave Bertrusk the gift of destruction.   As Ai turned to the eldest brother, Bizok, they said:   “Creation is beautiful, but so is destruction. Light can’t be without darkness, and shadows need the light. But life isn’t infinite and so is death. In order to keep balance you shall reign over time.” And so Ai gave Bizok the power of knowledge, what was, what is and what will be.   The siblings were grateful for the chance Ai has given them, when their own mother didn’t. Ai felt proud and so went back to the stars, keeping their promise and watching over the children as the sun in the sky.


How was world created? And who are the first "gods"?

Historical Basis

It is true.


It once was common knowledge, but as technology and progress advanced, knowledge of religion and magic became lost. People searched for more logical explenations for how to world started. By now it is thought, that a physical reaction of two particles started a chainreaction, that created not only the elements but also the matter the world is build of. The space between the matter however is unknown and commonly called "chaos". This chaos however is the source of magic. Scientists and artificers made it their purpose to understand the chaos between the matter, thus creating what is now known as "Artifical magic". A mechanical construct, that presses the chaos into order, commanding it, to do your bidding. So far... this is stable...

Cultural Reception

The people of the middle land, mostly regard it as a fairytale and at best smile weakly, when they hear it.   People from the three lands, however swear, this is the truth and only the truth. They believe that is how the world created, where the rare natural magic come from and what commanded the course of life.
Date of Setting
At the beginning

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