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"They're like if you asked a thoughtful AI what it thought a puffski was, and then turned that lucky guess into a tribe of devout and remarkably stodgy ecologists and conservationists."  
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  • Gremelons: The Basics

      Gremelons were named for their watermelon-like red and green coloration. They commonly have a round ruff of fur, under which smoother fur outlines their body. Their eyes tend to be dark and beady. Prior to the species' migration to Medleya, there existed a larger variety of clans and traits, but as of right now the two most common types are "eared" and "horned." They are herbivorous, and enjoy growing their own food supplies.  

    Gremelonic Migration to Medleya

      Originally thought lost with the death of the planet Aylith, quick thinking and action from clan leaders secured the Gremelons a way off the planet before the end. When they arrived on Medleya with the help of their worldhopping allies, they set to work taking stock of differences between their old home and their new one and building a village of sorts, which they dubbed Canteloop. Given their new world's nature as a melting pot of countless peoples from across the Akatasphere, they blended right in.   No one ascribed any significance to their presence, assuming they were simply outworld immigrants like many of Medleya's people. However, another survivor from Aylith (albeit under different circumstances) would be shocked to recognize them: Asherah Cole, the forged goddess. Though the majority of Gremelons were reluctant to revisit the traumatic memories of the end of their world, a few agreed to share stories on Ash's NexusNet stream, and that earned them some popularity both on Medleya and elsewhere.  

    Gremelons and Nature Sciences

      Though Gremelons have always had an affinity for agriculture, their devotion to general nature sciences intensified after landing in Medleya. They strive to document animal and plant life for posterity, and a group of them are devising conservation methods for endangered species. They focus on ecology as well, and it isn't uncommon to find one giving an impromptu lecture on the nature of the food chain. All the research culminates in an increasingly prosperous farmer's market the clan holds every weekend after harvest time, a monument not just to delicious fruits and vegetables but to the preservation of life and nature's balance as a whole.
    Gremelon (Mella) by Midjourney
    A typical Gremelon, "eared" phenotype.  
    Gremelon (Watenou) by Midjourney
    A less common Gremelon, "horned" phenotype.

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