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We are a people fascinated by the infinite colors of life. We decorate ourselves in colors that please us because we wish to celebrate possibilities across all spectrums. War, love, even irritation and humor... all can be expressed in color.  
- Alnil'am Corleonis, Lanilell Prosecutor
The Lanilells are a group of humanoids from a system in the Akatasphere that shares their name. Their homeworld has a high level of both magic and technology advancement, and environmental and certain societal aspects aside, the world may look like a sleek sci-fi utopia from the outside.   Lanilell people are united by a fascination with stars and color. Men and women alike paint themselves with brightly pigmented makeup, and spreading color around is encouraged. Festivals involving paint and colored powders are common, and there is an awful lot of street art breaking up the otherwise very cohesive manmade landscape.  

Significance of Lanilell Makeup

You would be hard-pressed to find a Lanilell who left their house without some kind of colorful makeup on. While exact significances can vary from person to person, the following associations are fairly established in their meanings.  

"War Paint"

While dark raccoon eyes may be a fashion statement elsewhere, it is almost completely agreed among Lanilells that thick black makeup indicates that one is either about to engage in some sort of combat (literal or figurative) or is in an extraordinarily foul mood. It's a warning sign no matter what.  

Lanilell Spirit

When a Lanilell wears sparkling blue and white makeup on an Outworld excursion, it's considered an act of patriotism in a way. Blue and white colors are featured in the flag of the Lanilell Systemic Union, and so these colors indicate that someone is, on some level, a representative of the LSU.  

Support, Friendship, Love

Sometimes, a Lanilell will combine a color associated with them with a color they associate with a friend in their makeup. This act is considered an act of support for the person whose colors are included.

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14 Dec, 2020 23:54

This is a really cool idea for a culture. I really like the idea that black make up is a warning sign - at least it would be easy to tell who to stay out of the way of that day! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet