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"In the time before, the only life was wild.   The living world was lush and untamed.   The only beings of intelligence were the Abyssals, twisted creatures of the spirit world.   And their king was Sylquiraquas, The One Who Devours.   The Abyssal Dragon coveted the living world, billions of fresh souls ripe for the taking.   But He was flawed, too impure to pass between the worlds.   And so He developed a plan.   Sylquiraquas cast off His flaws, and from those flaws the Elemental Icons were borne.   From His Belligerence came Juyeraphlojis, the fire dragon.   From His Greed came Karaakyril, the stone dragon.   From His Volatility came Zeshiirylinas, the wind dragon.   From His Apathy came Virradenylis, the plant dragon.   From His Entitlement came Telmirisyatulin, the ice dragon.   From His Deceit came Falyrrisinos, the water dragon.   From His Pride came Yiraltekados, the lightning dragon.   And from His Rage came Rirystellac, the metal dragon.   Purified of His flaws, Sylquiraquas became a perfect being of logic and ambition.   He prepared to pass between the worlds, but His flaws stopped Him once again.   The Icons shielded the souls of the Abyss from Sylquiraquas and His legion, starving Him and his kind.   Weakened by hunger, the Abyssal Dragon fell into a slumber.   The Icons then used their power to influence the living world.   Each dragon imbued the souls of a different species with their element and flaw, giving them sapience and bringing forth civilization.   The living were freed of Sylquiraquas' threat, but to this very day, dark forces wish to awaken the Abyssal Dragon and unleash Him on Ainlasset."  

~The Legend of the Icons