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The Ravenmore Bloodline.

Jareth of Ravenmore begat his son Magnus Ravenmore , Magnus begat Verus Ravenmore , who begat his sons Sylias Ravenmore , and Karshe Ravenmore . Karshe died suddenly bearing no heirs, and the whereabouts of Sylias remain unknown, presumed dead by this order at the time of entry. The line of Ravenmore is presumed to be no more. This article will remain in the records, in the event information surfaces of a potential heir. --Amanacles The Scribe, 6:4.5.2010


This document is proof of the bearers pedigree and descendancy from later known as Jareth of Ravens Moor, later reverently referred to as Jareth Ravenmore.

Document Structure

Publication Status

This is a public record of the Ravenmore family line.

Legal status

The Independent Nation Of Karpathia

Historical Details


With the civil war at an end, Karpathia can move forward. The overlord Karshe lies dead at his brothers feet, and Sylias forfeits his rule to the people. His nation swears loyalty to him still despite his desire for them to live their lives. To avoid being trapped by the throne, Sylias places his council in charge, and instructs them to operate the country by allowing people to live freely and fairly until he can return. As only his inner circle ever knew the reality of the situation, the scribes tasked with keeping track of genealogical records were unable to finish this document, leading to countless rumors of lost heirs.


Intense levels of genealogy and history have been recorded since the dawn of time. Imperia is well known for having collected a great library of documents containing the worlds knowledge.

Public Reaction

The record is a matter of intrigue and Karpathian pride.


Quite a few times has a would be pretender to the throne claimed to be a long lost descendant of Karshe, but more often than not Sylias. Astonishingly, sometimes they are believable enough for the people to fund their future kings trip to the throne room, only to be embarrassingly turned away. Quickly proven as a fraud by the servants of Ravens Court .

Record, Public

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