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Situated near the middle of the continent, Naicard is the kingdom with the most power of the land of Aftrad. Its sphere of influence reaches to many smaller towns surrounding it and offers resources and military aid for taxes. A thick wall encloses the city, pierced with 5 gates. Each gate leads to the center of the city where the Goal Market is located, accessed by long avenues. The streets stay clean and soldiers patrol the outer gates to reassure its people of their safety.
The city is controlled by Gabriel, a kind leader, renowned for his compassion and safety of the people of Naicard. He took control after his father passed from natural causes and immediately reversed many of his fathers actions. He revoked the mass tax spikes made when the invasion happened and opening up soldier schools to the average citizen to be trained in self defense.
Situated in the middle of the city is the Goal Market where goods of all kinds can be found. Seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, general supplies, magical items, alchemists, blacksmiths are all there and much more can be found as well. West of the Goal Market is the Blackstone Tower in which the powerful wizard Freyan lives. They set up sanctuary and alarm spells around the city entrances to alert to nearby enemies, a big reason why such a large kingdom has not been burned to the ground. East of the market is the castle which Gabriel lives in. It used to be much larger under the rule of his father but he removed a large portion of it to add more houses for the population and to sell for money to build said houses. He often meets with adventurers of all kinds to hear about their experiences in traveling across Aftrad to learn of news. Naicard has no sole religion but churches and temples can be found for all those who worship. Not many factions can be found within Naicard's walls because of its isolation from the rest of the world and those who were there moved when the invasion began.   New Entry - After plotting and failing in the murder of the Peltragow, the party chased the courier only to be taken into custody. After a long and dubious trial, the party was given freedom with the promise that they would track down the Malifices plaguing the land of Aftrad. Before the party left Naicard however, Savieli von Rithn got word of the location of the head tournament organizer in which the party got scammed by. Tracking down this suspect, the party defeated him, earning revenge for Savieli's brother and for the rest of the party. Not much else is known about Naicard.

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Good start for an article already. I would advise to perhaps make some more division because as of now you have one wall of text which can be harder to read. It seems you have accidently entered this article into the costume challenge :)

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