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7th of April, 4 AVH

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Long ago, much before the discovery of Chaia, humans were placed into existence by Famiscus, the God of Life. Not before long, they had begun establishing settlements and civilizations. However, the murder of humans led to the Great Voice, essentially telling everyone to shut up. Humans were civilized under Avanism. But then, the emergence of the Jren Empire forced humans into a great pilgrimage to newly discovered land; the continent of Chaia.   Under Avanistic peace, nations on Chaia prospered for many hundreds of years. Through peace, they had grown their culture ti account for grand new discoveries. But one fateful day, they had recieved news that Jre, which was vanquished by the Gods, had returned. The Jenretian Empire was ruled by a cruel man who extorted, manipulated, and was just a general terrible person. His greed eventually became his enemy, however, when he was strucken down by the Avon, a mysterious group of humans from Ioza. Nations across the world rejoiced as the Avon liberated nations across the land from oppression.   The world is in the greatest period of prosperity it has been in its history...   What will you do?

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