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It is a land ravaged by war, famine, and plague. Powerful machines of war and industry - relics of time since long passed - tower over towns like silent, unmoving wardens. Hidden deep within the earth, ancient and powerful wonders of a world long-since past lie dormant, waiting to be stirred to live once more.   At the centre of civilisation, big cities marvel at the latest technological advancements, while remote towns endure with techniques passed down for generations, keenly aware of the waning magic of the land.   Elsewhere, secluded cults dedicated to the Old Ways worship ancient spirits and their courts, making sacrifices in return for their favour. Strange creatures lurk at the edges of civilisation, whether they be foul creations of man’s desire to play god, fearsome hunters born red in tooth and claw, or mysterious entities satisfied to watch and wait.   In the middle of all this are our heroes, ordinary individuals thrown from the comfort of familiarity into conflicts far beyond they could ever imagine.

Aereon is a City of Mist campaign using some custom house rules inspired by Blades in the Dark. It was initially inspired by the work of Jakub Rozalski and has since had influences from various sources, including the TV series ‘Into the Badlands’, the Witcher, Game of Thrones, Skyrim and Eberron, just to name a few.Below you will find the collected documents from the Great Archives. Feel free to look around, and drop us a message if you like what you see!

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Tales from the Frontier

City of Mist