The materials used by the Star Legionnaires when they raided Gaia has remarkable properties, making the rare materials highly sought after by smiths, nobles and adventurers alike.

Abysium: Associated with Evil, Abysium looks like a blue-green stone with a faint glow to it. It has been known to cause sickness and decrepitude in those who spend too much time near it, requiring special alchemical treatments before being save to use as armor or weapons. When worked into weapons, it creates items that are vile or destructive.

Adamantine: Associated with Earth, Adamantine is likely the most common Skymetal, its nigh indestructibility has allowed more of it than any other Skymetal to survive. Incredibly dense and hard, it makes for sturdy armors and sharp edges on blades.

Cold Iron: Associated with Law, Cold Iron is despised by Fey and Demons alike, cutting through their skin with ease. Appearing as a dull metal, easily confused for common iron, Cold Iron when worked by a skilled smith can be worked into a razor-thin edge, capable of cutting deep into flesh.

Djezet: Associated with Chaos, Djezet is a rust-red metal almost always found in a liquid form. The metal is extremely receptive to magic, making it a prized material for war-wizards and battle clerics alike. Usually found in a liquid form, actually using it for weapons requires the help of several alchemical treatments.

Inubrix: Associated with Balance and Harmony, Inubrix is a soft, almost intangible metal, existing partly within the Ethereal plane. Capable of passing right through other materials, it is incredibly hard to mine. When treated properly, however, it can be turned into a blade capable of cutting creatures otherwise untouchable.

Mithral: Associated with the element of Water, Mithral is light and soft, with armors crafted from it often appearing no more stiff or heavy than clothes. Highly malleable, it is prized by smiths as being almost helpful in the smithy, helpfully shaping itself around. When worked by a skilled smith, Mithral can be turned into a weapon capable of shifting its entire shape, never settling for one.

Noqual: Associated with Good, Noqual appears as a pale, green crystal, but can nevertheless be worked like metal. It is remarkably resistant to magic, allowing a skilled smith to shape it into great protection for those about to face down mages.

Orichalcum: Associated with the element of Fire, Orichalcum is a coppery metal, said to bend time around it. Exceedingly expensive due to both its properties and its rarity, Orichalcum can be worked into weapons which can be wielded with incredible speed.

Siccatite: Associated with the element of Air, Siccatite is a bright, silvery metal. In its natural state, it appears as a heavy gas, requiring alchemical treatments to distill it into a useful, solid form. When concentrated, however, it can be shaped into weapons capable of dancing through the air or to fly through it.

Extremely rare


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