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Aenar is the most recent of many names for this ever changing world. Since time immemorial, Aenar has had a shifting staff of gods to govorn it, changing out every few thousand years.   But as time moves on and the hour for a new set of cosmic rulers comes, the current God family, known as the Chaor, selfishly cling to the world that they built so lovingly. Battles of godly proportions occur as the Emil, the new gods, attempt to wrest Aenar from the grasps of the Chaor.   There are many peoples living on Aenar, and while they are greatly affected by the feud of the gods, they have their own wars and contentions as well.   Corish versus Allish in a war for the homelands of their shared ancestors. The Bereiki people fight among themselves over the laws of magic, and attempt to hold together a thinly spread empire. Civil war in Maridyil, trade crisis in the South, and the growing threat of a worrying new magical discovery.   Millenia of history, waiting to be shaped.

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