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Avolire Citadel

Avolire Citadel sits atop a rocky cliff overlooking the tumultuous Sea of Storms. The town is protected by a massive castle, built with sturdy grey stone and fortified with high walls and watchtowers. The castle is home to the rulers of Avolire, a family of nobles who have ruled over the town for generations.   The town itself is bustling and busy, with narrow cobblestone streets winding between tall, timber-framed houses. The town square is the hub of activity, with a weekly market where merchants from all over the region come to sell their wares. The town also boasts a large harbor, where fishing boats and merchant vessels from all over the world dock to trade and restock supplies.   Despite its strong defenses, Avolire Citadel is not immune to danger. The Sea of Storms is known for its dangerous weather, and the town has suffered through many a pirate attack in its history. The rulers of Avolire have always been ready to defend their town and their people, however, and they have a standing army of well-trained soldiers at the ready.   Overall, Avolire Citadel is a thriving and prosperous town, with a rich history and a bright future. It is a place of adventure and opportunity, where brave heroes can make their mark on the world.


Vigorous trade has made Avolire Citadel home to many different species. They mostly live in harmony because no one has time for the nonsense of prejudice.


  • Harbor District: This district is home to the town's harbor and all of the businesses related to it, such as shipwrights, sailmakers, and fishmongers.
  • Merchant's Row: This district is lined with shops and stalls selling all sorts of goods imported from other lands, from exotic spices and fabrics to rare and precious jewels.
  • Fisherman's Quarter: This district is home to the town's fishermen and their families, as well as the businesses that support them, such as fish markets and seafood restaurants.
  • Shipyard: This district is home to the shipbuilders and craftsmen who construct and repair the vessels that ply the Sea of Storms.
  • Customs House: This district is home to the officials responsible for collecting tariffs and duties on imported goods, as well as enforcing trade regulations and ensuring that all merchants are following the law.
  • Seaman's Barracks: This district is home to the sailors who crew the ships that call at Avolire Citadel, and could include boarding houses, taverns, and other amenities for travelers.

Points of interest


  • The Kraken's Den - Sailors often swap stories of legendary beasts they encounter in their travels here. Are they truthful or just embellished legends?


  • Storm's Haven - A reputable and secure warehouse used by merchants and sailors trading goods both common and valuable.
  • Mermaid's Cove - Rumors tell of a secret warehouse used by morally ambiguous sailors and thieves when trading stolen or illegal goods. The town guard claims it doesn't exist, but if you know anything about it, they'd like to speak with you.


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