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Aelyria (Campaign Setting)


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Aelyria is a campaign setting on a shattered post apocalyptic plane.   The campaign takes place nearly 1000 years after The Shattering, a great event which tore the planes central continent, and the great city Aelyrion to pieces. The shockwave and after effects were so great, most of the population was wiped out. The place where is was is now a magical maelstrom of floating isles, shifting streams, and magical vortexes.   Civilization is just now beginning to reconstruct itself, but in the absence of life on this planet, other, darker forms of life began to fester.   The world of Aelyria is about the slightly larger than earth, and is the 4th planet in the system.   The cause of The Shattering remains unknown. Some believe a god caused the even, or possibly a superweapon.

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