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17th, Chillmonth, 726

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In the dawn of time, many races were brought to Aelvar. From the stout and sturdy Dwarves, mining and crafting in the deep, to the brutal and aggressive Orcs, fighting and slaughtering from the north, to the elegant and aristocratic Elves, who rule pretty much all the world. And then there are halflings, humans, goblins, dragons, lizardmen and a host of other weird and wonderful creatures.   For many, unknown years, the many races lived harmoniously, unaware of each other's existence, dwelling in separate lands across the realm Aelvar, however then came the Dawn. The Dawn began with the Orcs moving south, encountering the Elves who ruled over the Aelvarian mainland. The Orcs killed and butchered many Aelvarians, and so the Elves began to fight back, training up deadly soldiers and cunning magi. It was only for the Halflings and Humans however, that the Elves were able to defeat the Orcs, and together the three races fought their aggressors back to the north.   Then came the Elf-Dwarf war. The Dwarves, tired from dwelling alone in their mountain ranges, emeged to greet the world around them, but instead were targeted as new intruders by the Elves. And so the Dwarves and Elves fought brutally, and killed many hundreds of each other. The war ended finally with the Killing of each and every Dwarf noble, and the collapse of the Dwarvish civilization, breaking them into tribes. The Elves, on the other hand, had succeeded in this war, and although their King was dead, a new one stepped up to take his place, firmer and more dominant than the last.   And so the Elves rule Aelvar, in a totalitarian way, and with their only enemies crushes and exiled, nobody dare challenge the might of their dominance. Yes, a lot of people hate them, but eh, who cares?       This world is designed for a slightly modified Dungeons and Dragons, but so far is just story and is compatible with all roleplaying systems.   It was created as a World Ember challenge, starting on the first of December, 2018.

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