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WorldEmber 2022 Planning - Homework 3

Hail, fellow worldbuilders!

Since the Week 3 homework is all about planning and prepping for WorldEmber, I decided to share my plans with you! Here, you can easily check up on how I'm doing, and guilt-trip me into doing better! I am using the incredible TJ's PlannerTM, which can be found here. Enjoy!

A Note About Notes

I realize that many of the notes won't make sense when you read them. Those notes are for me, and generally reference story beats that I haven't gotten fully worked out yet. Please remember that this entire world is still very much a Work In Progress! Thanks!   Also, if you have any prompts or suggestions that you would like me to pursue, comment them below and I'll add them on as I can!

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Cover image: by Alexa


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