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Storm haven

Storm haven city The Empires gate: located on the east end of the city where the Markovian Empire has set up their embassey Sylva Conclave: the home of the elves that was given to them once they joined the city. they tend to be protective and keep to themselves. Anar Arcana Academy: magic school * Griseo mine * Temple of Everchanging Light * Government: The city is ruled under the empire but the city itself has been split into three districts that are each ruled and controlled by one house. Prominence gord is ruled by House Griseo and their family are in charge of the people in their district, Silva forest is ruled by House Galanodel and Hunters post is under House blackskull. Each house looks after their people and runs their distract according to themselves they meet in the town hall, Storm Hall with the empire ambassador to discuss how trade is going with them and the empire, things the empire will require from them and things they require for their people, they discuss the state of the city. The storm ridders council is a security government council ran by the houses of each district beside the empire they only meet when things are really wrong in the city if they wish to discuss issues with the empire and where they some times discuss leaving it and talk about secret trades and business and how they can use they money too make the city and the people more safe


Elves Human Tieflings Dwarves Gnomes

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Mining operations in the mountains Black Ironwood Green lyrium
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