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A fantastical world that centers around the vast continent of Adir and its four countries: Virva, Chron, Sabrynag, and Fauranos. The continent has a wide range of flora, fauna, environments, races and cultures that range from Final Fantasy inspired to Steampunk, Dieselpunk and High Fantasy inspired.   The main focus of this world is eking out a living in this rapidly industrializing world. Many of the old ways are dying out, while the magick of the spellcasters routinely clashes with the machinations of the gearworkers, with everyone else getting caught in-between. In some countries the economy is booming, while in others it is in shambles and the divide between the rich and the poor has never been deeper. What little hope people have for a decent living (especially if they live in Chron and Virva) is to join the Guild Association and create a guild of their own. They can be adventurers, mercenaries, you name it, as long as it pays and it brings prestige (and a portion of said paycheck) to the Máthair Guild.   Virva, the southern most country has an admittedly Final Fantasy (X) aesthetic with tropical, Mediterranean, Indian, Arabian and Art Noveau influences as well. This country is the homeland of Aoideans, an exceedingly rare race whose mastery over their vocal cords knows no bounds. It also has a chain of islands right off the cost where whispers of desired independence drift through the air...   Chron, the eastern country is the currently most rapidly industrialized country. It is heavily Steampunk (and Victorian in general) inspired with a huge emphasis on education, whether for magick or science. Most families gauge their honor and pride on the academic successes of their youngest members, though as you can imagine, things can be rather well, tough, for the little dickens...   Sabrynag, the western country, could have at one point rivaled Chron in terms of industrialization and development, until its economy utterly crashed a decade or so ago, completely decimating any prospects. This country is dieselpunk inspired with much emphasis on the aesthetics of the 1920s, 30s and even 40s with some Edwardian flair thrown in as well. Sabrynag is also surprisingly one of the only two countries on Adir that doesn't use the Guild system, but instead has different "gangs" who control different cities and territories throughout the country. This country also used to be known for its extensive gemstone mines but it seems like they may have finally dried up...   Fauranos, the northern most country is very Medieval/High Fantasy influenced with a central King and many different vassals helping to rule the land. It is a frigid place, especially during the winter which has greatly helped to raise a hardy and strong people. However, there seems to be a rather great "dislike" for magick and spellcaster with a bigger emphasis on martial matters. Like Sabrynag, it doesn't exactly follow the Guild system either. Though that doesn't mean that it doesn't have guilds, it's just that they're most for other different types of jobs like baking, woodworking, etc. Though there appears to be talk some "adventure" guilds popping up...