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Before the age of legend, before sun and moons graced the sky, when the seals yet stood tall, Vorabus forged the world of Adelin. Creation is nothing to be enjoyed alone, and so Vorabus asked help from his Daughters to fill the world with life. Vorabus asked of all the Gods to share in his creation, and they did ... all things though must come to an end, and to all who know the time, know it is the enemy of all things. As time passed legends came and went, ages passed, and what was once was lost.   The Age of Legends came, Heros born, Dragons Slayin, nations founded and kings toppled. The Age of Legends ended 3000 years ago with the expulsion of Vorabus from the heavens, they ended with the fleeing of his heralds, they ended when the seals were broken, they ended when the star fell from heaven and Sarein shed her first tear.   Since has been the founding of the Empire, and its shattering, the coming of the great Magus and his disciples. The Shattering of the north and the diaspora. The wars of man wagged in all parts of Adelin never cease. whether in the wintery north or snowy south, man marches to grow their influence. The Gnomes sit in the shadow of their former home cursing the dwarves that drove them out. All the while the Age grows darker and darker for time is on no ones side. an Age draws to an end, but how will it end?

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Adelin Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign

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