The Words of Gilgamesh

The words of Gilgamesh is a religion that follows the gods talked of in the epic of Gilgamesh: Ishtar, Ereshikigal, Anu, Enki and Gilgamesh. They believe that after Gilgamesh's death he was reborn as a god where he took the seat as king of all gods taking Ishtar as his wife and Ereshikigal as his concubine. They also believe he brought Enkidu back from the dead. They believe that Gilgamesh had been reborn a second time as Akkadia to lead the mortals into his kingdom and rule over them as their king. It is considered a great honour within the religion to be chosen as a servant or concubine to Akkadia.   They founded the city of Ishtar's Touch and have a fierce rivalry with the lion kings subjects.


A High lord controls the religion who has a group of high concubines who serve their every need. Beneath him are the holy lords who control legions of priests, paladins and warriors.

Public Agenda

They wish to take control of Paradise and let the civilians live lavish lives of opulence.


They control the city of Ishtar's Touch where they have a grand cathedral as well as a large army stationed. They are also in possession of the legendary weapon the vessel of heaven maana and the Serpant's Embrace poison. They also hold a grand treasury with an incredible wealth within.


They were founded on the corpse of a long dead religion shortly after the birth of Paradise. They founded the city of Ishtar's Touch and declared it an independent nation before attempting a revolt. They were stopped and cursed to never rise against the capital without permission of Akkadia.

Mythology & Lore

The Epic of Gilgamesh   They believe Gilgamesh was reborn as a god and resurrected Enkidu. They also believe Akkadia is Gilgamesh reincarnated.

Divine Origins

Cosmological Views

They believe the cosmos was created by the Gods of Uruk.

Tenets of Faith

Serve your king before all others Live in glory and opulence Bring wealth and glory to the king


All those who do not serve the king are mongrels and have no value. They will reclaim the nation for their king.


Bring great wealth to the religion and your king.


To rise up to higher ranks you must bring an artefact of great value. They are identified by golden armour and robes.

Granted Divine Powers


Political Influence & Intrigue

They were asked to bring their military power into the royal army but they disagreed and the high ups rejected the invitation to Artoria's great dinner. As such they have very little political power within the capital but are also the biggest organisation to oppose Artoria.



Praise the golden lord Gilgamesh

Founding Date
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The golden gods subjects
Ishtar's Touch


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