Makeela Goldsmith

Advisor Makeela Goldsmith

The best friend of the previous gerudo chief and the head of the Goldsmith noble house. She was corrupted into serving Artoria Goldwing through consuming the meat she was fed. After the meeting she was quick to accept Artoria's proposal to join her peacekeeping force. She now stands at the side of the young gerudo chief. Whispering in her ear. Ensuring the law of the Order is maintained.   Her birthday is the 23rd of Akkadiary.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Like all gerudo she has a visible six pack and is ripped with muscle

Body Features

Dark tanned skin

Facial Features

Sharp features with a long pointy nose

Apparel & Accessories

She wears loose and thin clothing of the highest quality

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She lived a decently sheltered life in her younger years. Her family owns the majority of smiths and forges within the reapers dunes, as such they are very rich. She was taught to smith and fight at a young age as all gerudo are expected. She was mediocre at both but found she excelled within her studies and quickly began to advise her mother on her business. Because of this she gained a reputation as an exceptionally bright and gifted child. All eyes where on her when her mother past and the business moved to her.   She had only been running it for a couple of years before she was called to the capital by the newly appointed high minister.   Upon her return she began working the smiths harder whilst decreasing their pay and increasing the prices of the stock they sold. She even began to buy her workers when they came asking for financial help. Telling them she would pay their family handsomely.   She was also instrumental in the assassination of the chief. The Order believed her daughter would be easier to control so Makeela helped kill her and became a shoulder for her child to cry on.   She now stands as the sole adviser to the new chief.


She was home schooled by the best teachers within Urbosa's stand


She is the head of the goldsmith family

Morality & Philosophy

She has lost all abilities to hold morality. She only desires to live the best she can and gorge herself on the best meat in the world.

Personality Characteristics


To indulge


Religious Views

There is one god, Artoria.

Wealth & Financial state

Incredibly affluent. Spending most of her money on clothes, food, sex and slaves

Neutral Evil
Current Location
Urbosa's Stand
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head of the Goldsmith family
Year of Birth
24 (230 years old)
Urbosa's Stand
Current Residence
Urbosa's Stand
Biological Sex


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