Adviser to the Minister of Shinraku Ismelle

A centaur born into poverty she aspired to become a paladin of the Akkadian order. Once she came of age she joined the order. There she swore off all mortal pleasures and devoted herself to the order. To the protection of the people. She followed this code and quickly became a well known and well respected paladin of the order until one night she was targeted by an Angelus Demonis Succus. She was overpowered and raped. However she managed to escape before she was eaten. She went back to the order and hid this attack. she felt ashamed and repulsed. Her secret did not remain one for long though. She was found to be pregnant. She tried to explain but the order wouldn't hear it. They stripped her of her paladin status. Placed her into their medical facility. Once she gave birth they kicked her out and kept the child to be raised as a paladin. A child they named Thiron after the great centaur hero.   Ismelle hated the paladins for kicking her out for such a ridiculous reason. She returned to her home town, filled with rage and anger. It was at this point she was approached by Artoria Goldwing. Artoria sympathised with her, she offered Ismelle the power to bring down the paladin order and a place in the Order. Ismelle's old friend Kuru Drakos had been elected as the silvanus woods overseer by the people. Artoria merely asked Ismelle to stay by his side and ensure the Orders justice was imposed. Ismelle accepted.   Her birthday is the 10th of Enkidust

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Toned and muscular. She has a scar on her rump which she uses to remind herself of why she does what she does.

Body Features

Pale white skin. Upper half of a female human with visible muscles. Lower half of a white haired horse.

Identifying Characteristics

An akkadian order crest burnt into her left cheek, which then has a large scar through it

Apparel & Accessories

She wears fine clothes when she has to but prefers to wear a simple metallic breastplate

Specialized Equipment

Bows, lances and hammers

Mental characteristics


Trained by the Akkadian order


She works for the Order as an adviser to Kuru Drakos

Accomplishments & Achievements

Youngest person to be recognised as a paladin by the Akkadian order

Failures & Embarrassments

Being defenceless enough to be raped

Mental Trauma

Being raped

Morality & Philosophy

All are untrustworthy. They act as though they care about you but they're just waiting to tear you down and destroy you.

Personality Characteristics


Destroy the Akkadian order

Likes & Dislikes

She likes very little. Training, food and freedom.   She hates paladins, people and everything that would harm her


Religious Views

She believes very heavily in the light of Akkadia, which feeds into her hatred of the Akkadian order as she believes they are using his name in vein.

Wealth & Financial state

She is quite wealthy. She is given lots of money by the Order

Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Adviser to the minister of Shinaraku
Year of Birth
152 (102 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Long sleek blonde


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