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Acarn is a pangea-type continent that spans tens of thousands of kilometers across. Most of its surface is within a few hundred meters from the sea level. Because of the air density and temperature on this planet, most humanoid species have trouble functioning at sea level. For this reason, most civilizations occupy comparatively smaller plateaus, about 8 to 12 thousand meters above sea level. There are also a myriad of naturally occurring stationary floating islands that dot the skies.

The various nations and states of Acarn have developed airships to travel between the plateaus avoid traveling down the treacherous slopes that lead to the lower elevations, with their grueling temperatures and pressures and hostile wildlife.

Most nations are ruled by supernatural creatures or humanoids with high levels of power: racial oppression and slavery are the hallmarks of most of the nations.


The world of Acarn is a high fantasy settings with a late medieval/early renaissance level of technology, peppered with magical devices. My stories are geared toward inter-state conflicts and the role of individuals within them.

This world uses D&D 5e are the core engine though many changes were made, mostly to the species and planar mechanics. It draws inspiration from many other works such as: Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and The Witcher.


  • Map of Acarn - Political Map - 3038
  • Map of Kingdom of Gaanick

    A medium sized kingdom ruled by the Beholder Erhmahl the Builder.