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The Superb Chariot Great Course

A non-contact sport or game - anything from carriage racing to golf! Once every two years, on the first day of the summer season, eight raiders in sun decorated chariots pulled by two horses race from Ironfoot to Middleground in the , not only for glory and fortune, but also to celebrate the arriving of the warm season and the divinity of the sun, Edhel, Bringer of the Sunlight. The event attracts not only the people of the kingdom as well as foreign travelers and followers of Edhel and is a crucial element of the kingdom's culture and economy.


Eight riders, each with a two-wheeled chariot decorated with details and symbology of Edhel and the sun, depart from Ironfoot at the same time, when the first summer beams of sunlight touch the tip of the tower of the Temple of the Southern Dawn.  Up The Iron Path, racers use scattered road stops along the path to rest, feed and change their chariot horses. Each road stop have different horses for different racers and racers must always change their horses each time they stop. The race ends in Middleground, where the first to arrive receives a reward in gold, gems or lands, the title of Sun champion and the bless of Edhel priests.

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