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There was almost a sense of harmony about them as the sound of clanging metals resonated throughout them, inspiring every swing of their sword with the tune of clashing metals. Flashes of their blissful childhood memories fill their minds, until the sound of a sword piercing through one's flesh brings them back to their senses.
The white king falls to his knees, smirking at the sight of his brother's sword piercing his chest. Finnian, trembling in shock, watches as the only bloodfamily he has left bleeds to his death, slowly reverting to his mortal form before falling down to the ground. Lost in his feelings as he realizes that the sight of his dying brother did not appease his vengeance, Finnian kneels down beside the fallen king with a face full of regret.
"Tear not, foolish brother, for I have seen it all, my death will not bring the peace you all yearn for, for there is no such thing as a king, only an illusion of power, its up to you now, brother, the choice you will make will soon determine our future..."
True to his last words, the army of beasts does not halt at the sight of their alpha's demise, nor do they even bother to look. Finnian surrendering to his fatigue, falls down to the ground; finding himself somewhere completely unfamilair, everything from the sky to the ground bath in white, except the bloody corpse of his daughter and son lying in front of him, along with a thousand more men stretching far beyond his eyes could see.
Finnian hears the voice of his trusted familiar calling him as he finds himself on its shoulders, carrying him within the safety of the fortress walls. At his request, the creature takes him toward a hidden corridor that leads down a secret staircase. As the light from the wall torches fades at the last step, he asks his friend to go back and make sure that his daughter and son, together with the women and children, are safe within the iron walls of the treasury vault. Finnian mumbles as he limps toward the endless darkness, finally realizing the truth behind his brother's words.
"Brother, these beings were simply something to you, something for which you are willing to sacrifice your own life, but you knew there is no power left in this material plane that could free them from their eternal curse, and now I understand, you knew the roots of this fortress, all those things you have done, it was all part of your elaborate scheme to deliver me here, right in this very moment, we are all pieces in your board game, you spoke of choice, but no matter how hard I think, there is only one answer that comes to mind, so now, I shall grant you the freedom your kind deserves, death to them all..."

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