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Those creatures are weird...are they speaking to each other?
— An Elf to another
The Sauro was a language spoken by the entire species of Spectera native to the planet of Rant but is now only spoken by the ethnicity of Saquron after the Magick decree of the God and Goddess.   The language is a sign language spoken when the Saquron is in their Other shape as they do not have any mouths in this shape.  


The Spectera have used their other shape for as long as they can remember and thus the language is also ancient. It has changed a lot during its existence, and the current version is only spoken among a small pool of people. As the language is not written down it is always subject to change.  


In their other shape the Saquron only have their large shining eyes, their arms, four fingers, and their scarves to communicate with. Which also makes it hard for other species to communicate with them while they are in this shape.  


To communicate "Come with me!" the Spectera will point their arm towards the one they are speaking with and move the arm to the left and then wave it up and down while their scarf waves below the hand. The scarf indicates that the action of the hand thar means "you come" have to happen now and not when the one they are speaking with feel like it.   "Good morning, nice weather we're having!" is communicated by the Spectera, pointing their arm towards the sky. They then move their arm between the people present in the area. The arm towards the sky both means "Good morning" and "nice weather". The moving of the arm between the people present means that it includes everyone. The scarf may also wave to indicate that it's good morning and nice weather right now but most Spectera think it's redundant.   "Laughing out loud" They will move their fingers and thumb together and move that hand in front of themselves from the shoulder on the opposite side of the arm and to the side where their arm is.


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