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The Monillic Coalition

The Monillic Coalition is a peaceful alliance of the regions in the Monillic Ocean of Melior. Rengia, Xendria, and Gallotia formed a peace treaty to abstain from the war between The Jolundrian Empire and Melopian Commonwealth.  

Forming an Alliance

Each region has their own share of troubles to deal with, war has never been one of them and they wanted to keep it that way.   Rengia did not want to provide the Empire with tropical toxins and medicines because they would receive no aid in return to eradicate the invasion of Rifthounds (and much bigger riftbeasts) from their home. The Empire simply couldn't spare the troops for it.   Xendria actually wanted to help the Empire, but couldn't due to ships going missing after setting sail for Arklend. After many failed shipments The Empire started to threaten Xendria, claiming that they'd take supplies by force. It was only this new alliance of The Monillic Coalition that saved their hide.   Gallotia just doesn't have the resources to aid the war. An invasive species is literally eating them alive and are in a state of emergency.   In forming this alliance, they cut their ties of previous support and must now rely on each other to survive the chaos that has befallen the realm. Any interaction with the Empire or the Commonwealth could turn into a nasty political vindicament, so trade is strictly limited to the waters of the Monillic Ocean.  


The Monillic Coalition encompasses the three major regions of the Monillic Ocean: Rengia, Xendria, and Gallotia.    
Climate: The mountains divide the region into a huge desert and a tropical paradise (although it's only a paradise if you can survive the flora & fauna here).   Cultural Values: dexterity, trade, artistry   Trade: spices, crops, toxins, medicines, ores   Conflicts: Its formiddable climate offers little hospitality, but the local wildlife will gleefully greet you with open jaws.  
Climate: Xendria has a hot dry climate and is mostly covered by savannah and grasslands.   Cultural Values: trade, sturdiness, loyalty   Trade: crops, livestock, crafted wares   Conflicts: It has its own troubles to deal with, as one in every three ships that have left the island have not returned.
Climate: Gallotia has a hot climate with the temperature of the land making a small desert at its core.   Cultural Values: family, trade, farming   Trade: crops, gemstones, livestock   Conflicts: Gallotia is facing the new challenge of playing host to a new invasive species that want nothing more than to eat. Eat as in everything. Even the island.
The territories of The Monillic Coalition are outlined in green on the map. Click on a region for more information!
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