The Last Tide

A tradition to wash away the troubles of the year gone by.

The Last Tide is a tradition that has been celebrated for so long in The Isles of Orlend that few remember its ancient origins.   The event occurs on the last day of the year, and it's a celebration of the last tide receeding and taking the year's troubles away with it. The First Tide that follows brings treasure to the shores of Orlend, and if you find one it's meant to be very lucky and it can prophesize an event that will happen to you this year.   Beach combing is a popular event for all the family, and beach fires are lit to serve fresh catches throughout the day and into the night. It is a popular Orlendian holiday and businesses often end their day early to participate in the fun.  
Common treasure items Interpreted meanings
Shells Happiness and peace
Fossils Long life and wellbeing
Buttons Security and improved friendships
Coins Good fortune, success in business
The Isles of Orlend
Organization | Jul 30, 2021

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