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The Bright Miners

Originating in the oldest mines of The Brass Bowl, The Bright Miners have grown to be the largest guild in the Tentotta region. The guild has become highly popular and respected due to their core values and morals. They provide ample opportunities for people from all walks of life whilst helping the development of local towns and cities as they open up new mines.


Rank Requirements Goals
The Grand Prospector Must be a Grand Prospector's heir, or ascend from a Prospector by popular vote. Leads the guild and continues the family line into prosperity.
Prospector Appointed by The Grand Prospector. Assists the leadership and growth of the guild on a regional scale.
Bore Highly trusted members appointed by The Grand Prospector for their loyalty and bookkeeping skills. In charge of record keeping, financial details and accident logs.
Burrows Chosen by a Prospector for exemplary efforts in leadership skills. Leads the Miners and teaches the new Sappers discipline.
Bright Miner Must have abided by the Miner's Pact for one full year. To work to the best of their abilities, to help others in need and to grow as an individual.
Sapper Must be recommended by one Bright Miner or invited by a Burrows. Must leave their old life behind, develop a clean lifestyle and abide by the Miner's Pact.

Miner's Pact

Curse not the body with smoke
Poison not the mind with ale
Shun not the different folk
Speak not the lies or tales
  The Bright Miners are very strict on the behaviour of their members. The founding figure, J. F. Mason introduced The Miner's Pact as a means for all workers to be physically fit and active. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited, even on days of rest, so that workers have a clear head and able body ready for tough physical labour. Mason also enforced a rule to abolish gossip and lies from the mouths of miners.  
Let only their skin be black with filth, for dirty mouths only produce spit.
— J. F. Mason
  This foundation of discipline has stayed with the guild for over 100 years and has given The Bright Miners a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and hardworking people.  

Guild Recreation

Due to the prohibition of smoke and alcohol, the guild Burrows have had to provide engaging activities for every member to enjoy in their free time.   Encouraged activities include:
  • Fencing - in local guild halls or at the much loved The Swordmaster's Fair
  • Climbing - sections of the outer wall in The Brass Bowl have been rigged with ropes and footholes for various challenges
  • Riding - the hire of a mount for a day's riding is a great reward granted by a Burrows for exemplar behaviour.
  • Cards & Dice - betting is permitted but irresponsibility will be rebuked
  • Pottery - learning to craft the raw materials into beautiful glazed ceramic forms
  • Music - from the striking of stone to the pounding of drums, the miners often enjoy trying their hands at a musical instrument.

Public Agenda

The Bright Miners are, at their core, the oldest mining company in the Tentotta region. They develop mines and establish guild halls wherever there are resources to obtain, from the softest clay to the rare minerals known as Mohrrim Crystals.   The guild's secondary purpose is to give opportunities to those in need and offer them a new way of life. Ex-offenders, addicts, unemployed and outcast individuals will all be treated equally regardless of their upbrining, race, gender or appearance so long as they vow to leave their old life behind them and take up The Miner's Pact.   In every town that The Bright Miners arrive in, they bring nothing but growth, gratitude and generosity. As their members mingle with society they help other people in need just as they were once helped themselves. As such the Bright Miners feel that they have no enemies and do not see competitors as threats, only people to learn from and grow further.  
From the deepest shadows comes forth light.
— Guild Motto


Over their 100 years of existence The Bright Miners have acquired mines all across the region of Tentotta and are looking to expand beyond the Larthteras Mountains into the rich Moluran rainforests in the hope of discovering new materials.   Guild halls are constructed in every major town and city and serve as a gathering point for meetings, activities, initiations and celebrations.   Aside from their incredible workforce, the guild's greatest asset is that they are exclusively the only miner of Mohrrim Crystals and producer of Ihrrum.   Mohrrim Crystals seem to be unique to the crater rocks of The Brass Bowl and have a unique, potentially magical quality to them that can make weak virtues into strong ones, such as amplifying a flame or strengthening weak materials. The Mohrrim crystals have been studied and experimented on, and are now used in moderation for fuel-efficient furnaces and steam engines.   A secondary use for the crystals was discovered by grinding crystals down into a dust called Ihrrum. Ihrrum dust has similar enhancing qualities to the Mohrrim crystals, with the side effect of weakening strong virtues as well. It was first discovered by a mine inspector, who noticed that throughout the course of a day - the strongest Golun miners would grind to a halt, whilst the frailest Human slaves would gradually get stronger the longer they worked, due to the thick dust and particles in the air. Ihrrum is now classified as a controlled substance and is illegal to use in competitive sports. Only the captains of the city guard are permitted to use Ihrrum for force. Generally the dust is used for recreational or healing purposes, but members of The Bright Miners are not permitted to ingest Ihrrum for recreation.   The rarity of these materials have generated a great demand for them, which has brought great wealth and trade prospects for The Bright Miners.  


The Brass Bowl cover
  Originating in the oldest mines of The Brass Bowl, The Bright Miners have grown to be the largest guild in the Tentotta region.   The guild was established in 432 by J. F. Mason , the owner of the Mohrrim Mines. Mason wished to expand his mining business, but in order to do so he needed more workers for less coin. He knew of the current unemployment rates within the city and decided to take on the misfits, ex-offenders and outcasts into his company.   This was a bold risk, but with great leadership he established The Miner's Pact, a new set of rules to live by and an opportunity to start a new and honest life as an upstanding citizen. The trend caught on and it wasn't long before people from better upbringings wanted to join this new lifestyle.   The guild motto, From the deepest shadows comes forth light. has grown to be a family phrase for members of the guild. They take heart in knowing that no matter how dark their past actions were, there is always a chance to grow and be a good person in the world.   The values of The Bright Miners enabled them to grow and become trustworthy members of society. It was not long before the guild came to take ownership of other mining facilities within the region who saught out their excellent team management skills. With every expansion, the guild gained newfound knowledge of mining techniques and materials, making them the dominating power in the mining world.   They came to be the only company in Tentotta in control of Mohrrim Crystal mining, and with the huge demand for the crystal's excellent properties for fuel efficiency, The Bright Miners guild came into great wealth and power.  

From the deepest shadows comes forth light.

Founding Date
Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
The Miners
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Mohrrim Crystal
Material | Nov 20, 2022
The Brass Bowl
Settlement | Nov 20, 2022

The Brass Bowl is a famous city in a crater situated in the north east of Tentotta near the picturesque Larthtera Mountains.

The Grand Prospector
Rank/Title | Nov 20, 2022
J. F. Mason
Character | Nov 29, 2022

The founding father of The Bright Miners guild from the Tentotta region of Melopia.

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