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The Blueprint

The Architect's plans for the world and all of its inhabitants.

The Originators believe that The Architect designed the world and everything in it, and that every living being has a personal blueprint that dictates the structure of their life. Regardless of if your journey goes well or poorly, it is all part of The Architect's grand design.   The Blueprint is the religious text of The Originator's Order. It’s an abstract collection of designs laid out by their deity, The Architect, and holds the secrets of the future for those who can decipher them.   The oldest copy of The Blueprint is safely guarded within the Abbey of Bradstowe, but there are always printed copies available for personal reading.   As the state religion of The Isles of Orlend (which is now the most popular Faith in The Jolundrian Empire), folks are taught from a young age about the teachings of The Architect and how to live an orderly life.   Whilst the original designs in The Blueprint are open to interpretation, several scriptures have been written as accompanying guidelines for The Originators to follow in their faithful lives.  
It is not merely a religion, but a way of life.


The most popular scripture lists the 10 tenets to live by, and the number ten is considered to be very lucky as it is used in the Orlendian counting system, calendar, currency and many other aspects of daily life.  
  1. Break not your word.
  3. Break not your vigilance.
  4. Break not the honour upon you.
  5. Break not your oath to live a life of order.
  6. Break not the order of sleep, as the sun rises and sets.
  7. Break not the buildings of The Architect's children.
  8. Break not your fast til the sun has risen.
  9. Break not the bones of any being.
  10. Break not the laws of the land.
  11. Break not the heart.
  There are many interpretations of these tenets, for example many choose to live by the fifth tenet as waking up at sunrise and sleeping at sunset - whilst others believe it means to wake up at the same time every day.
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I just love the title "The Blueprint" and how it is both immediately familiar (letting the reader know what kind of thing they're in for) and yet wholly original at the same time. I've never heard of a religious text being outright called "The Blueprint" by its believers, even if detractors might disparagingly call it that.

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