Seep Eye

A horrific and contagious epidemic that was contained in Lockton.

The seep eye epidemic came suddenly to Anvil seemingly out of nowhere during the winter months of 127 1A. The people of Lockton suffered heavy losses from those afflicted with the horrific disease and a harsh enforcement of a complete quarantine was put in place. Thankfully the disease died out completely before it could spread to neighbouring towns in Pelkor.  
Sleep eye was reported to have caused the following symptoms, which varied in severity among individuals and often lead to a painful death.
  • seeping of thick mucus from the tear ducts
  • bruising of skin around the eye sockets
  • blurred vision and loss of eyesight
  • migraines
Bandages and poultices to relieve the pain were the best treatment options the people of Lockton had available. Many folk tried various painful experiments to keep their eyes clean, but to no avail. All of the alcohol in Lockton was reserved for medicinal use during the epidemic.    
man with eye bandages
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Settlement | Nov 30, 2022

A large city in Pelkor known for its waterways.

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