Laughing Jim

A species of hallucinogenic mushroom that can cause fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Laughing Jim is a species of hallucinogenic mushroom that can cause fits of uncontrollable laughter. They can be found growing beneath shady trees in moist environments, and are well known for growing near by Eastdale Tarn.  

Uses and consumption


Consumption of this natural drug is not illegal, but many Orlendians choose to consume this mushroom in private company away from the judging eyes of The Originator's Order. Innapropriate behaviour and ridicule can be deemed as a symptom of Corruption of the Mind, which could cause intervention if behaviour is repeated in a disorderly fashion.   The mushrooms have an unpleasant, bitter taste when consumed raw - so they are usually cooked first. Sometimes they are dried out and smoked with other more aromatic herbs to take the edge off of it. Laughing Jim's Stew is a recipe for a ridiculous party, and is often served in small cups from street vendors during festivals.   Theatres have been known to include Laughing Jim in their refreshments and pre-show snacks so that the audience will roar with laughter at their pantomimes and comedy performances, making them more enjoyable for the crowds and more popular for the newspapers.

These mushrooms can vary in size, but don't often grow to be more than four inches big. They are one of the safest mushrooms to identify and harvest in the wild due to their unmistakable phallic appearance. Other mushrooms of this colour will turn bright blue if you break a piece off - a clear indicator that they are poisonous. Laughing Jim does not change colour if broken, but will shrivel and turn a much darker brown colour when cooked.
Eastdale Tarn
Geographic Location | Jun 8, 2020

The second largest lake in Orlend, situated to the north of Bradstowe, the capital city.

Corruption of the Mind
Condition | Jun 8, 2020

A mental illness where the void of the mind consumes the soul, filling it with chaotic thoughts.


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