Corruption of the Mind

A mental illness where the void of the mind consumes the soul, filling it with chaotic thoughts.

The Originator's Order seeks to prevent and cure all cases of this mental illness in The Isles of Orlend by educating people and guiding their way of life according to the teachings of The Architect.  

Preventing corruption

The Originator's Order believes that this illness can be prevented so long as you follow their teacings and don't deviate into the chaotic arts.
Idle minds are open to chaotic thoughts that bubble up from the depths of depression and disorganisation. A life lived in an Orderly Home and dedicated to good work and wholesome relations will prevent the void of the mind from engulfing the soul.
— The Originator's Order
Orlendians swear by this technique, but foreign travellers see this practise as obsurd and wonder if "corruption of the mind" is even a real mental illness, or if it's fearmongering from the state religion...


Symptoms of a corrupted mind vary in individuals, and can include (but are not limited to):
  • Unwanted or intrusive thoughts, often with negative or violent topics
  • The desire to break the law, or push the boundaries of responsibility
  • Insomnia, or trouble sleeping during the hours after the sun has set
  • Poor handwriting or chaotic drawing outcomes when recording thoughts in a journal
  • Increased usage of slang, slur words and swearing
  • Laziness and the lack of desire or motivation to perform tasks
  • Over-curiosity, nosiness or spying upon friends, family or strangers


Treatment techniques often involve an enforced radical lifestyle change. Sufferers are encouraged to write down all of their thoughts truthfully into a journal, along with any drawings of images in their heads. This can fill several journals and take up to three weeks to fully empty the mind.   Any posessions that emphasized symptoms of the individual are taken away, along witht the journal(s) to be burned, and the ash used to fertilise the gardens of The Abbey.   After guidance from The Originator's Order, the individual should be feeling much better, and will be relocated to a new town or city where they can work in a new environment - far from their old ways.
Chronic, Acquired
Keep away from that young lad Jaffir, I don't want you talking with him anymore. The child is afflicted with corruption of the mind and I won't have him planting his foul ideas in your head.
— a mother's warning
The Originator's Order
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

The longstanding state religion of the Jolundrian Empire who believe in an orderly life led by The Architect's plans.

Orderly Accommodation in Bradstowe
Building / Landmark | Nov 30, 2022

An example of typical and tidy Orlendian housing within the heart of Bradstowe.

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