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A wholesome card game based on brownie points.

Iyowya (literally "I owe you") is a popular card game in The Iji Islands. It's a wholesome card game based on brownie points. The more points you get, the better the brownie you can eat!   The game is played with a deck of Iyowya cards, and each deck is distributed so that the players have an equal amount of cards. You can choose to deal out the whole deck, or just a smaller amount of cards per person if you wanted a quicker game.   Each Iyowya card has a symbol and a value on it. These symbols must be interpreted by the players to determine their meaning. The value can either represent time (such as number of minutes or hours) or quantity of something.   Before the game begins, the players all decide how long they want their game session to last.   Once the cards are dealt, each person evaluates their cards and starts to discuss things with the other players. The cards represent favours or "I owe you"s.   When the cards have been interpreted and sometimes traded - they get pinned on a corkboard to show who is going to do what during the game's time period.   Examples:
Player 1 has a card with a value of 1 and a symbol that looks like a fork - they decide that they will cook 1 delicious meal for another player.
Player 2 has a card with a value of 3 and a symbol resembling a tree, they decide to take a player on a tour to their top three local parks.
Player 3 has a card with a value of 4 and a symbol of a basket, they decide that they will offer to clean four rooms of the house of a player.
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