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Ijian Sayings

Common phrases and sayings from The Iji Islands.

Phrase Meaning
That Rakuwa is off with the tide. Implying that that Rakuwa is affected by the shoreminded condition and that their thoughts are literally gone with the tide, waiting to return.
She really gets on my barnacles. She really annoys me. ( Barnacles are a skin affliction associated with old age. It's common to hear elderly people grumble this phrase.)
Oh barnacles! How irritating!
My whole family are belly-dwellers. My entire family have lived in the 'belly islands' (the middle section of islands of The Iji Islands ).
The day was as hot as a Purple Pepper ! The temperature for the day was very hot.
She's a real strongclaw! This Rakuwa looks to be incredibly strong / fit!
Your bedroom looks like an Udarra Bird's nest! Your bedroom looks very cosy and tidy!
Hotter than a Guri temple in summer! Incredibly hot temperature. Guri Temples have a lot of lit fires and will also use a kiln outdoors to fire ceramics.
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The Iji Islands
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A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

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