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Interplanar Biodiversity Initiative

An organization dedicated to the research and conservation of balance in merged planar ecosystems.

The Interplanar Biodiversity Initiative is a world renowned organization dedicated to the research and exploration of diverse ecosystems in other realms. The Initiative was founded in Caldura just three months after The Rupture and initially started out as a local group of ten folks trying to document the influx of new creatures and invasive flora that had come through the rifts and into Rengia.   Now a global organization, the Initiative is led by an expansive team of esteemed scientists, explorers, and researchers, their work revolves around documenting and preserving the balance of combined foreign and local ecosystems and working with local governments to keep residential and agricultural areas safe.  
At the Interplanar Biodiversity Initiative, we are dedicated to the exploration, understanding, and conservation of diverse and extraordinary ecosystems found across multiple planes and realms. Our mission is to foster a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of life and to safeguard the unique flora and fauna that thrive in these otherworldly landscapes.   Through rigorous scientific research, responsible documentation, and sustainable practices, we strive to protect the delicate balance of interdimensional biodiversity while promoting cross-dimensional harmony and knowledge exchange. By bridging the gap between realms, we aim to inspire awe, preserve natural wonders, and unlock the secrets of the universe for the betterment of all.
— Mission statement [1]

Hazardous Acquisitions Unit

  The Hazardous Acquisitions Unit is a branch of the Interplanar Biodiversity Initiative that deals with the deadliest creatures and plants (often in the most hostile environments). They are known to work alongside military organizations to help survey areas and provide insight on natural hazards of unexplored realms.   Due to the occupational hazards of this line of work, this branch has some of the highest paying jobs in the Initiative and includes a very generous family bereavement package. Joining the Hazardous Acquisitions Unit involves signing a lot of paperwork, including a company-bound will and a statement of secrecy.   Training for a position involves intensive study and training in the specialist fields surrounding ecology, and also in first aid, field surgery, combat and weapons training, and mechanics.  
Expedition, Scientific
Alternative Names
The Initiative, IBI
The Rupture
Military Conflict | Jan 15, 2023

The catastrophic and unforeseen event that wrought havoc upon the world, plunging it into complete and utter chaos on an unfathomable scale.

Species | Nov 30, 2022

Endangered bear-cats illegally imported from the tropical rainforests of Xendria to be kept and bred as domestic pets.

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