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Ijian Culinary Traditions

The culinary traditions of folks living in The Iji Islands.

The Rakuwa of The Iji Islands favour much longer utensils because they eat with their smaller arms. Out of courtesy they hold their largest arms behind their back to appear less threatening and to take up less room at the table. Unfortunately their smaller arms don't have as great a reach, so longer handled forks make it easier for them to manage.   Many Humans use these long utensils too, as meals in The Iji Islands are often shared. Many small dishes are presented on a long table, and each person dibs into whatever they fancy.   Ijians hate waste, so when they prepare food they always make use of the entire thing. All parts of the fish will be used across different recipes, and any scraps or unsavoury leftovers will be put into a stew pot to simmer later for stocks, soups and stews.   One of the few banned foods in the Iji Islands is octupus, which is the sacred symbol of Guritism and are the children of the firey octopus diety Gurita.   Rakuwa are fine with eating non sentient crustaceans, but some individuals feel uncomfortable with it, much the same way as some Humans prefer not to eat meat.  
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The Iji Islands
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A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

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