Enchanted Lip Ring

Enchanted lip rings have become very fashionable among Mystics in Melior. Depending on the type of Enchantment they hold, they can grant the wearer unique casting abilities.   Lip rings were made popular by Lady Greenwell of Bradstowe, who famously wore a flame enchanted lip ring at her thirtieth birthday party. None of the aristocratic party-goers had any idea of this, until she was groped by a drunken guest and shouted words of literal fire upon him. In a wild panic he tried fo flee whilst still on fire by jumping over a fence, got stuck screaming until his last breath, and accidentally set the garden fence alight. Half of the garden party went up in flames before they were able to stop the spread, and Lady Greenwell's party was spoken about for years to come.  
"They say that Lady Greenwell has a fiery temper!"


Enchantment Ability
Fire Spit sparks or breathe fire so long as you have the magic reserves and skill control to do so.
Flavour Have a never ending flavour on your lip. Great for fresh breath and sweet surprises!
Purification Removes impurities and poisons from anything that passes your lips.
Poppetry A taboo practise of binding the soul to two paired rings, allowing one wearer to speak words from the other's lips.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Nov 15, 2020
Spell | Nov 16, 2020

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
8 Dec, 2020 17:11

Oo this is a really interesting idea for jewellery. I love the origin story, and I really like the idea of a purification ring. Would be useful for people concerned for their life.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
8 Dec, 2020 20:07

I was not expecting that story, it made me snort-laugh. I can only imagine how much this Lady was celebrated by her friends afterwards.

15 Dec, 2020 13:26

"Suck it, Carrie: mine is cooler!" :D God, as if teenage girls weren't scary enough....   That ring of poppetry is probably asking for trouble; but what is life without a little chaos, really? I love it!

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