Leader of the Spunkhearts guild.

The leader of the Spunkhearts guild is always referred to as the Cockerel; the title carries the same weight as leader, boss, or captain.  
You new 'round 'ere? Gotta makur'self known to the Big Cock! Go'an speak to Errel!
The origin of the title came from two meanings. The first and foremost is that the first carrier of the title, Jihmmy Two-Tooth was the biggest prick out of all the group - so people had already been calling him a cock so much that it just stuck.   The second meaning of the title was that despite being a massive cock, old Jihmmy Two-Tooth would never fail to be up before the sun was and would bellow at the top of his voice like a rooster to make sure that everyone was up bright and early to face the next day. Thus, the name Cockerel became the title passed on to each leader of the Spunkhearts ever since.   Sometimes the boss is referred to as Errrel as a polite name to refer to their boss as when speaking to Aristocrats and straight talking Emissaries so as not to offend them. For this reason many folks believe that the leader's name is always Errel.
  As the name has nothing to do with anatomy, the title can be claimed by a leader of any Folk, sex, or gender (so long as they uphold the traditions of the role).


  • leading the Spunkhearts guild
  • morning duties and waking the guild members
  • keeping everyone in line and being responsible for the actions of members who step out of line
Alternative Naming
Errel, Big Cock, Cock
Equates to
Leader, Boss, Captain
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