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  Emissaries are commonly identified as traders, errand runners, servants, and representatives. Small business owners also fall in under this social class due to their wealth and servitude to aristocratic clients.   They make their living by plying their trade and providing highly skilled crafts and services. Some are able to sell their wares in neighbouring towns if they can afford some protection for the journey.  


They appreciate hard work and fine skill and strive for both in their daily lives. They live comfortably enough to barter and bargain with others, and hold high regard for those willing to seek a better deal.  


Their workers are often sick or frail, and their supply chain is constantly interrupted by riftbeast attacks meaning that both imports and exports are unreliable. Failed shipments make failed payments (and angry allies).   Things will improve for them when safe trade routes are established to ensure that everyone gets what they need as agreed. The increase in reliable payments will in turn mean that workers can be paid a fairer wage to support their wellbeing.  

Living Conditions

They live in small yet spacious homes and have a good quality of life overall. They live near to their workplaces so they can get straight to work at dawnbreak.  

Emissary is a Social Class background available in character creation using the Ethnis Lite RPG setting!
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Alignment Guide Mantra Fulfilment
Lawful Good “Fail to prepare, and you’re preparing to fail.” You are resourceful and like to make sure that everyone in your group is well prepared for both the mundane needs and unexpected hurdles for the road ahead.
Chaotic Good “When the world is torn apart, only friendship can hold it together.” You are hard-working and like to celebrate your labour with equal amounts of leisure. You find it hard to unwind without having had a productive day and feel as if you need to earn your rest.
Lawful Evil “No one fucks with my friends or family.” You are tough and won’t think twice before harming or eliminating others for the gain or protection of your friends and family. Nuff said.
Chaotic Evil “It’s just a prank, yo!” You are spontaneous in nature. Not all of your pranks are harmless and you delight in saving those for your foes. Waiting for things to fall into your traps and pranks brings you a wicked thrill.


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