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Novarum Order

A religion founded on the grounding teachings of three divine beings.

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The Novarum Order is a prominent religion in Zendu and its followers practise the teachings of three divine beings known as The Catalyst (representing inspiration and innovation), The Adaptor (representing resillience and flexibility), and The Illuminator (representing insight and wisdom).   Collectively, the guidance of these divines teaches folks how to grow and become their best selves.  

Hand symbols

Whilst the Novarum Order uses lots of triangular symbolism and things-in-threes, the popular childhood game of Rock, Paper, Scissors has become so ingrained in the religion that many people believe it originated from the Order.   It serves as a simple tool to teach young people about the divines:
  • The Illuminator is rock (a closed fist) because it symbolises the inner strength of wisdom and enlightenment. It takes the edge off of scissors and teaches humility.
  • The Catalyst is paper (a flat hand) because it can cover the rock in new ideas.
  • The Adaptor is scissors (a fist with two digits spread and extended) because it takes the new ideas and changes them into something new and manageable.
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    5 Realms of Sensing
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    Realms of sensing

      The 5 realms of sensing are a grounding belief within the Novarum Order. They believe that to gain enlightenment you need to exist within all five realms with your senses:
    1. The Visual Realm
    2. The Tactile Realm
    3. The Auditory Realm
    4. The Fragrant Realm
    5. The Palate Realm
      Meditations are practised to try and become more present in all realms.
    Five things you can see: beauty, progress, change, love, enthusiasm
    Four things you can touch: hearts, minds, memories, nature
    Three things you can hear: praise, wisdom, forgiveness
    Two things you can smell: opportunity, adventure
    One thing you can taste: freedom   These are realms of the living - experience them!  
    — Dropped note

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