Enclave Guard

The guards of Forkden, sometimes corrupt, sometimes genuine, always ineffective against the worst of the worst.

The alleys of Forkden are unlike those of Renai or KravMaw, even with it's similarities to that of SosIwa, the differences are still stark. No, the depths of the city are terrifyingly amazing places filled with people made of the same stuff. People wanting to survive, people attempting to thrive.   But other people are also there, the people that I was there to help constrain and stop. Those people that couldn't be part of society because they didn't respect the rules. But used the depths to hide in the shadows and try to avoid the force of the law.   Did I go too far in pursuit of justice? Maybe.   Is that why I am here now? Perhaps.   I know that the Battalion doesn't have the same restrictions that an enclave guard does. And I'd like to make a difference.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records.
  You likely grew up in one of the massive walled cities of Forkden, or perhaps in one of the rural boat-cities that ride the annual floods in the Alma Bay or similar areas. No matter, you spent time within the walls of the ancient stone cities and know the depths of depravity that can be reached within them. However, you also likely know what good can be found to have sprung in the depths of the cities. Like a set of flowers springing up deep below the surface and reaching for the surface.   Perhaps you tried to help them grow, or perhaps you were harsh and ruthless treating every flower like the weed you felt it would inevitably turn out to be. No matter your attitude towards the city inhabitants, you understand them. You lived in the wastes along with them and suffered many of the same misfortunes and realities, even if through a different lense. Maybe you angered one of the gangs in your city, or were forced out by a corrupt Enclave. Perhaps you attempted to be a vigilante and found you lacked the backup to follow-through and had to flee.   No matter your origin, you made the trek north and to the mountains and found your way to The DraKaise Battalion.    
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception
Languages: Aquan, Orcish
  • An Insignia of your Enclave.
  • A trophy from your time in the service.
  • A bobby stick(club)
  • Mess Kit
  • A pouch containing 10GP.
  • Feature: Military Rank
    Alternative Names
    Pigs of the Water, Rooters, Seagulls, Depth Divers
    Guards are always needed in the depths of Forkden.
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      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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